Useful: Opening a Bank Account and Getting a Credit Card from Standard Chartered in Dubai

Opening a Bank Account and Getting a Credit Card from Standard Chartered in DubaiOpening an account at Standard Chartered bank in Dubai is a fast and simple process. In fact, the bank actually guarantees that every account application through their branches will be completed within 30-minutes.

Account Opening Process

The quickest way to open an account is to visit your nearest Standard Chartered UAE branch. Simply complete an account opening form with your personal, contact and employment details. You can either download this form from the bank’s website or get a copy in the branch. The form is submitted together with relevant documentation which includes valid identification documents like your passport.

If you are apply in person and have completed the forms in full and supplied all necessary documentation, your account will be processed within 30 minutes, under the account opening guarantee. You can immediately make your initial deposit to activate your account.

How to Apply Online to Open an Account

Standard Chartered also allows you to initiate the account application process online. You can apply online to open a new account with the bank by visiting the website at and completing the “Request For Callback -> Accounts and Deposits” online form. Once submitted, your nearest branch will contact you and arrange for the completion of application forms, relevant documentation and initial deposit into the new account.

Standard Chartered Account Options

– Salary Suite For Employees is a bouquet of every banking service you need, including free electronic banking, free cheque book, free debit card and a credit card of your choice.
– Savings Account for attractive returns and instant access to your money.
– Fixed Deposit Account offers a high interest rate, access to multiple currencies and flexible investment tenure.
– Bonus Saver Account is a unique everyday account that offers a high interest rate of up to 3%.
– Call Deposit Account, for flexible banking and easy access to withdrawals on short notice.
– Current Account offers unlimited transactions in multiple currencies for maximum banking convenience.

Bonus Saver Account is the only account that gives you the flexibility of an everyday account while providing the profit of a market-leading interest rate. You can enjoy 3% interest per year on your account. You have to maintain a minimum balance in your account. Balances above the maximum balance limit will yield a standard interest rate. You can make purchases not exceeding minimum spending criteria with your debit card.

If you are seeking for a bank account to manage all your daily transactions and to help you earn the best returns on your savings, you can go with Savings Account. This account will provide competitive rates as well as flexible features which can help you make the most of your money.

The Call Deposit Account is specially designed to provide a safe, yet convenient way of managing your account. You can easily access your money and make partial withdrawals at shorter notice. You can also earn interest on the available balance.

With the help of the Current Account, you can enjoy fast, easily accessible banking with unlimited number of transactions in almost all the major currencies of the globe.

The Fixed Deposit Account is perfect for people who want to increase the growth of their savings.

The Employee Banking Account comes with a complete set of packages which provides the freedom to bank in the way you want and lets you access your money whenever you need.

Benefits of Having an Account in the bank

You will get a lot of benefits when you open an account with Standard Chartered, including a free international debit card, 24/7 banking convenience and a free cheque book. You can use your international debit card to withdraw cash on ATM from anywhere in the world. You can also perform online shopping and purchase at merchant outlets. You will get hundreds of offers in shopping, dining and entertainment when you bank with SC.

Credit Card Options

To get a credit card from the bank is also quite simple, particularly if you already hold one or more of the above-mentioned primary accounts. You simply select the credit card that suits your lifestyle and needs. The available options are:

Manhattan Platinum Credit Card, which earns reward points that are redeemable for flights on over 300 airlines.

Manhattan Platinum Credit Card
Saadiq Platinum Credit Card offers convenience and plenty of rewards while adhering to Sharia principles.

Saadiq Platinum Credit Card
Titanium Credit Card gives you access to massive discounts and CashBack.

Titanium Credit Card

Visa Infinite Credit Card offers the best of everything that fits in your lifestyle without limitations.

Visa Infinite Credit Card

You can apply for credit cards online and get instant approval-in-principle. However, necessary documentation may be required to complete the approval process; particularly when you are not an existing account holder.

If you are a salaried employee working in Dubai, the easiest way to get a credit card from Standard Chartered is to open a Salary Suite For Employees. You’ll automatically qualify for a credit card upon approval of your account. Then you can select any of the above credit cards for inclusion within your suite; except the Visa Infinite.