HSBC Dubai: Features of Personal Internet Banking

HSBC Dubai: Features of Personal Internet BankingOne of the services that HSBC Dubai offers to consumers is Personal Internet Banking. It gives the account owner instant access to accounts from anywhere in the world. It is a convenient way of managing one’s accounts, whether in the UAE or other parts of the planet.

Retrieve eStatements

The account owner can use the bank’s online feature to retrieve monthly banking and credit card statements whenever one wants. The Personal Internet Banking allows the user to store a maximum of 12 statements in a secure manner.

Global View

If you have accounts from the bank Dubai and Hong Kong, you can link the accounts together and view the balances on a single screen. Aside from getting the balances of the accounts, you can also transfer funds from one account to another in the most convenient manner.

Cheaper International Transfers

Through Personal Internet Banking, an account owner pays less to transfer money between one’s accounts or to others across the globe. This is one beneficial for people who have various accounts in various HSBC branches across the globe.

Pay Bills without Charge

Not only is paying bills convenient through Personal Internet Banking, account owners also save money because they will not pay any fees for the transaction. Users of HSBC mobile banking services in Dubai are also exempted from paying fees when making online utility bill payments.

Manage Accounts

Personal Internet Banking allows the account owner to do all types of account management tasks, such as updating personal information, ordering a new cheque book, and other stuff. Users can also open new accounts and apply for other services. Users gain access to a wide range of insurance, investment and wealth products.

Through Personal Internet Banking, customers are able to manage their accounts while on the go and can easily set regular or one-off transfers to other accounts. Through the service, users can set up, change or cancel orders. They can also check charges and interest rates. They also have access to the Net worth statement tool that takes a snapshot of their finances. Through the HSBC online banking service, users can open new accounts in any major currency and  also open and manage new Fixed Term Deposits.

Advanced Security

The bank utilise advanced security systems and software to disallow unauthorised people from access of accounts. They also provide account monitoring all throughout the day, password protection, and encryption. They also ensure that their customers are protected from online fraud by keeping personal data safe from third parties. Users who suspect that they are victims of fraud should report it to the bank right away. The Personal Internet Banking security provides protection against fraudulent payments and transfers from the account.