Citibank Services in the United Arab Emirates

Citibank Services in the United Arab Emirates Citibank is one of the more respected international financial institution in the Middle East in terms of their overall quality and variety of services that are provided. For many years, it has served the needs of customers around the world and the U.A.E. is no exception thanks to their emphasis in providing the type of services that their customers rely upon for their daily banking and credit card needs.

The bank offers a number of excellent features that range from applying for a credit card, paying your bills online, transferring money into different accounts, receiving e-statements and more. In fact, here are some of the more popular features that you’ll find at Citibank Dubai branch.

How to Apply

For those who want to take advantage of what Citi has to offer, applying for a credit card is as simple as it gets. You simply go to the online page inside the bank’s website where you will find “Credit Cards” and “How to Apply” right on the first page.

Next, you simply fill out the short application form and once you receive approval a new credit card will be sent straight to you. You can also find out all the information you want to know about the different types of services available, so you can get the right type of card that fits your needs.

Telephone Banking Services

At Citiphone (company’s phone banking option), checking on your accounts is only a phone call away. This is a fast and efficient way to check on your accounts that allows you to conduct transactions, find out information and even talk to customer representatives when you have questions. This is a more personal approach to banking than online option and for many customers using their phone to conduct bank transactions is simply more efficient.

The 24/7 Interactive Voice Response System lets you check on bill payments, transfer money between accounts, order a checkbook and even activate your credit card quickly and easily. All of the Citiphone UAE services are perfect for those who are not currently near a computer or mobile device that allows you to conduct your banking business when you want.

Online Banking

The celebrated Citibank UAE online system lets you access your accounts 24/7 when you are at your computer, laptop or mobile device. You can take advantage of a number of services which will allow you to catch up with your payments, check your balances and order new services if you so desire.

The online system is encrypted and offers excellent protection for your accounts so you can bank with confidence. From card activation, checking your online investments, overseeing all of your accounts or simply contacting the service centre, you can take care of all of your banking needs while sitting at home or perhaps when stuck in traffic.

The services that Citibank offers in Dubai are numerous and you can find able assistance thanks to their professional customer service staff that is ready to help at a moment’s notice.