Citibank Dubai: How To Open and Choose Right Bank Account

Citibank Dubai: How To Open and Choose Right Bank AccountFor the last 50 years Citibank has been providing a wide range of word-class financial services throughout the whole of the United Arab Emirates region.

Operating as a branch of Citi, a major international financial group, the bank has more than 30 major branches across the region, employing about 3000 people there. It was the first major branch of Citibank and as it stands, it is the leader in the Dubai’s credit card market.

Opening an Account

Thanks to technological advancements, you can now start a procedure of opening an account without visiting the office. This can be done through the following ways:

Through online application

Foreigners, expats or tourists can easily submit online applications from which ever location in the globe. Moreover, they can start banking immediately upon approval of their account.

The procedure for online application is as outlined below:
1. Visit the website by typing in your browser.

2. Click on the “Open a bank account” option.

3. Choose from the wide range of account types offered depending on the type of account that you consider right for you. The bank offers various types of accounts such as personal and consumer account.

4. There are various sub categories of the account types so be sure to hunt among the various choices.

5. Provide your personal information as required. Such information includes your name, birthday, identification numbers as well as valid government ID.

6. Read the terms and conditions of the agreement then click on the “I’m agree” option, which means that you will abide by certain rules listed within the website.
Such conditions include withdrawal times for funds, fees chargeable etc.

7. Print, sign and than mail your fully completed document to the bank.

8. Upon which your paper work will be processed, the bank will mail you any documents you might require such as checkbook.

9. Your account is now active and you can link it to other accounts to facilitate electronic withdrawal of money.

In person

You can also open an account in person by visiting the bank whereby you will be guided through similar steps as above to complete the application documents.

By telephone

You can call the bank using its Citiphone service through a toll free customer service number where you will be guided to create a new account.

The basic requirements include:

  • A state issued identification card.
  • A proof of age, one must be 18 years or older.
  • A proof of your address such as a driver’s license or a phone bill.

Types Of Available Accounts

The bank offers the following types of accounts:

Advantage Account

Advantage account is the premium service provided for the customers who maintain big balance in their account. This UAE Dirham account also provides you tiered interest rate. Unlike normal accounts which get standard interest irrespective of the account balance you hold, the Advantage account will provide you a higher
interest rate respective to the money you leave in the account.

You will also get a free international debit card and a personalised check book with unlimited checking facility to get access your money asset anytime, anywhere. Citi will also provide you global coverage so that you can access your money in any corner of the world with out paying a single penny of service fee.


  • Simple formalities during opening of the account
  • Just one form is required to be completed
  • Best for bankers that keep a high account balance
  • You will be provided with a free ATM/debit cards as well as an unlimited check book to give you free access to cash any time
  • There is a higher rate for interest with more money left in the account.

Call Account

This very attractive account is easy to open and maintain. Like the Advantage Account, all you need to do is fill in one form and a Personal Banker will do the rest for you among its main features.


  • Is 24-hour call available in AED, US Dollars or any other major currency
  • Maintained with a minimum deposit of AED 3500 or its equivalent in any currency
  • Has attractive interest rates.

Savings Account

The distinguish feature of the savings account is that you can keep your bank account in multiple currencies: US Dollars, Euros or Pounds.

Furthermore, this account grants you a free international ATM Debit card to be used at bank’s ATMs
anywhere in the world free of charge.

Current Account

This account allows you to keep your money in AED USD or GBP. It grants you a personalised check book with
unlimited checking facility, in addition to a free international ATM Debit card. It also comes with all the
features of the Advantage Account.

Checking Plus Account

Checking plus account is the most suitable account type for the residents of UAE or for those who’d like to maintain their accounts in AED only. It combines the full advantages of Savings and Current account.

The advantages of this account include a free and personalised check book and an international debit card, in addition to the unlimited checking facility whereby your first 4 checks presented per month are free of charge. All of that added to the feature of earning even more money while saving your money.